After a couple of months in private beta, we (quietly) opened Socket to the public last week. You can now sign up for Socket without having to enter an invite code.

Thank you beta testers!

Thanks to the great feedback provided by our beta testers, we were able to find and fix many bugs, as well as make quite a few improvements. We appreciate your feedback and would like to thank all of our beta testers for putting Socket through the ropes for us.

Free 30-day trial now available on all new accounts

We also decided to offer a free trial for Socket (we were previously offering a 30-day money back guarantee). After talking to quite a few potential customers, it seems there was a still a mental barrier in signing up without being able to try the product for free to make sure it will work for them. We think a no-risk free trial will aid them in making the decision to give Socket a shot. To try Socket free for 30-days, visit our pricing page and choose a plan. You’ll be able to change plans or cancel at any time.

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