The team here at Deversus has been busy cranking out new features and improvements for Socket over the last couple of months. Here are a few of the noteworthy ones:

Integration with Xero

As detailed in a previous post, Socket now integrates with Xero Accounting Software. Invoices, payments, and customers are now automatically created in Xero whenever quotes or marked as PO Received, Ordered, or Fulfilled. This has been a popular request from our customers (as was the FreshBooks integration), so we’re excited to have it released.

Socket quoting software and Xero integration

DIY localization and customizable labels

As also mentioned in a previous post, our new DIY localization feature addresses common requests to translate Socket into other languages and/or customize the labels and messages visible to customers.

DIY localization

Add existing items to quotes (with drag-and-drop sorting)

We’ve made Socket’s quoting capability much more flexible for internal use with the addition of a revised Add Item feature. You can now add an existing item to your quote (whether creating a new quote or editing and existing one), even if it’s not associated with the quote form used.

Add existing items to quotes

As always, you can also add one-time-use items to your quotes for ad hoc line items such as custom install fees or others not in your item catalog.

Add one-time item to quotes

You can also easily drag-and-drop the items in your quotes to sort them as you please

Drag drop line items in quote

Customizable form field requirements

We’ve made the contact form field requirements configurable so you can customize which fields are required from your customers.

Customizable form field requirements

Export quotes and people to CSV

We’ve made it easy to export a summary of your quotes or customers to CSV. You can even apply filters to export a list that matches your search criteria.

Export quotes and customers to CSV

We hope you enjoy these new features in Socket. We’ll continue to make our quoting software easier to use and more flexible over time. If you have any suggestions about how we could make Socket better, we’d love to hear them!

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