One of our top requested features over the last while has been to hide certain columns (usually SKU!) from the Quote PDF pricing table. This is now available, and allows you to control all columns with the exception of the Item Name / Description:

Hide Online Quote PDF Pricing Columns

This feature can also be used for those looking to provide their customers with a package price, where the unit and line total columns are hidden, and thus only the total for the Quote is displayed.

Please note that these settings do not affect the internal view of Quotes (for error-checking purposes) – please refer to the Quote PDF to see what your customer will see.

Now, back to coding. Happy quoting!


  1. Mike Darnell

    Hi Mike,

    I’ve just tried this feature when generating a PDf from an existing quote and it doesn’t affect the formatting at all. Just wondering if this is something you’re aware of.

    Keep up the good work…
    : )
    Mike Darnell

    • Mike Polga

      Hi Mike,

      Yes, this is by design. Quotes are snapshots in time, so that whenever you view them, you see exactly what the customer saw when it was sent. In order to see the effects of changes to column visibility, Item descriptions, pricing, etc. you would have to generate a new Quote.


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