Our first major update for 2016! You may have expected flying cars by now, but Socket updates will have to do…

First, we decided to do away with the term “Quote Form” in favour of the self-explanatory term “Quote Template”, as this was causing lots of confusion with new customers.

Second, and the largest change of this release, is a revamped Quote composition page. You’ll still recognize it, although there are some enhancements:

Quote Template content has now been broken out into its three sections, and displayed in the order in which they appear on the Quote PDF:


Quote Template content can now be saved to the template for future use. No need to go into the Manage > Quote Templates section if you want a permanent change, or would like to start using a cover page, for example:


Vastly simplified addition of one time Items, and added ability to create Item Types:


We also applied various UI tweaks to remove unnecessary clutter throughout the page.

A few other changes of note:

  • Fixed issue where an Item Option’s “More Information” section would not be correctly copied when copying the Item.
  • If a customer places a PO, and that Quote is subsequently changed to the “Order Fulfilled” status, the PDF will continue to show the PO details at the bottom.
  • The CSS style “page-break-before” is now available, and allows control over page breaks on the PDF Quote. Contact us if you need help setting up page breaks.
  • A guided tour has been added to assist with generating your first Quote. It can be started by clicking the “Start Tour” link in the Dashboard Wizard.

Thanks for your continued support. Now, back to costs and margins… 😉

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