We finally made our public Quote request forms responsive! This means that mobile users will have a much better experience when generating a Quote. This update affects all public facing pages, including the checkout page. Also, it only affects the “Link directly to my Quote Template” integration type – but when viewing a page with either the popup or direct integration type on a mobile device, it will change to a direct link to the Quote Template, and thus regardless of integration type, mobile devices should see the responsive version.

Here’s an example of a Quote request form on a mobile device:


Much better! If you notice any issues, please let us know.


  1. Mike Darnell

    Hi guys,
    Awesome as always!
    Can you advise how to make this work for our forms on our forms?

    (e.g. https://vimicoltd.socketapp.com/quote/request/d13e912bb3353efbb89eb8f6a6b7789c?iframe#https%3A%2F%2Fvimi.co%2Fios-android-iphone-ipad-app-development%2F )

    • Mike Polga

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks! And also, thanks for bringing this up – there was an issue with the way the iframe integration was being replaced by a link on mobile devices that was preventing the responsive version from loading. If you clear your local cache, and try it on your mobile device again (starting from vimi.co), everything should work fine now. Basically, the URL should exclude the “?iframe#…” part in order to work, so:


      would be the responsive version.


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