We have expanded our relationship with Zoho CRM to utilize the Zoho Quotes module. Zoho is used as a resource by many of our clients, and on behalf of those clients, we wanted to further enhance our connectivity.

When a Quote is created in Socket, a Quote can also be created (instead of a Potential) by checking the appropriate checkbox in your connector settings:

create-quotes-zohoThis does require the Professional edition or above, and when enabled, will create a corresponding Quote in Zoho:


All monetary values will be posted to Zoho using its default currency setting, which can be found in Setup > Company Details.

Happy Quoting!


  1. Kevin Miller

    Do you integrate with Zoho Books to create quotes there as well or just the Quotes module in Zoho CRM?

    • Matt Stansfield

      Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for reaching out. In answer to your question, Quotes will only be created in the Quotes module in Zoho CRM. We do not presently integrate with Zoho Books.

      Thanks Kevin,


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