Socket Pro Tips: User Signatures

Here’s a step by step guide to get User Signatures set up for your account: The first step is to set a default company email signature. This will be used in cases where there is no direct user associated with … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Auto CC/BCC

When either editing or creating a Quote Template, you can choose to Auto CC and Auto BCC addresses based upon your specific needs by going to the Quote Template “Settings” tab and including the required email addresses in the respective … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Item Options vs Custom Fields

Item Options allow you to define Item Option Values that will adjust the Base Price of your Item based upon the Item Option value(s) selected. For example, selecting Option 5 will increase the Base Price of the Item by $2500: Custom Fields … Read More

New Integration: Braintree

Braintree is the newest Payment Gateway supported by Socket! After receiving lots of feedback from our clients, we are happy to announce that we now allow you to accept payments with Braintree. This rounds out our existing payment gateway offerings … Read More

Feature Improvement: Send Order Notification Email to Quote Owner

After releasing our new Quote Owner functionality earlier this year, we’ve made a small improvement to our Email Notification feature to allow the Quote Owner to receive Order Notification emails in addition to the Order Notification Recipients defined under Settings > … Read More