New Feature: Edit Existing Taxes on Quote Edit

Up until now, if Taxes weren’t added on Quote Create, or needed to be modified, you’d ultimately need to generate a new Quote with the appropriate tax. We understand that this is time that could be better spent selling! With that in … Read More

Integration Update: Post Quotes as one Revision to Zoho

Previously, when a Quote Revision was generated in Socket it would in turn create a new Deal/Quote (depending on your settings) in Zoho. This resulted in needing to manually delete the old Deals/Quotes in Zoho, should you only be working … Read More

New Feature: Separate Upfront/Recurring Table

We’ve released a new feature that will, on a Quote Template-by-Quote Template basis, allow you to separate the upfront and recurring costs into their own tables when viewing a Quote: This new feature provides absolute clarity for your customer to … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Change Quote Name

On a Quote-by-Quote basis you can change the Quote Name simply by clicking the checkbox to the left of Change Quote Name when creating a new Quote as shown in the screenshot below: This can be very useful for adding a project … Read More

Feature Improvement: Cover Page Additions

Lately, while working with partners, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of requests for more robust cover page options. We had been recommending using the Introductory Section, but then the header and footer text would sometimes get in the … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Email File Attachments

There are times when you’re emailing a Quote to a customer where you’ll need to either add additional attachments (if using the Email File Attachments at the Quote Template level) or simply add attachments on a Quote-by-Quote basis. Our improved … Read More

Feature Improvement: Streamlined Quote Acceptance

We’ve released an update that affects how Quotes are accepted and ordered to simplify the process for you and your customers. As part of this update, the Quote Template settings for Online Payments and Purchase Orders have been merged into one … Read More

Feature Improvement: Appended Content

Up until now the Appended Content was comprised of three Appended Sections. In our continued effort to streamline the quoting process, and offer further flexibility, we’ve released an update that sees those three sections merged into one. The new Appended … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Editable Quote Numbers

Our Editable Quote Number functionality will allow you to edit the Quote Number on a Quote-by-Quote basis when either creating or editing the Quote. When creating a Quote, you can edit the Quote Number by entering your desired number in the … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Embedding Images into Socket using Dropbox

For any of our Partners who are embedding images into Socket from Dropbox that are encountering issues with the images not rendering in CKEditor when pasting the image address into the URL field, we wanted to provide the necessary steps to … Read More