Previously, when a Quote Revision was generated in Socket it would in turn create a new Deal/Quote (depending on your settings) in Zoho. This resulted in needing to manually delete the old Deals/Quotes in Zoho, should you only be working with the latest revision. We’ve released an update that will streamline this process by giving you the option to keep only the latest Quote Revision in Zoho, whereby, new Revisions will update the same Zoho Deal/Quote.

Enable this new functionality by editing your Zoho Integration Settings found under Settings > Integrations, and check off the option as below:

Please reach out should you need any assistance updating your Zoho Connector.


  1. Don

    What happens if you chose to only keep one revision in Zoho and the client ends up accepting one of the older revisions? Will the older revision that was accepted overwrite the more recent one in Zoho?

    • Matt Stansfied

      Hi Don,

      Thanks for the question. The Revision that is last updated, for example a Status change to Ordered/Accepted, will end up in Zoho.

      Please don’t hesitate to reach out directly if you have any other questions.

      Thanks again Don,


  2. Sam

    Would the new revision keep the same external link URL, or would it change?
    If the link remains the same, then that would be super. The client would see the updated quote version without having to be sent a new link

    • Matt Stansfied

      Hi Sam,

      Thanks for the question. The external link would changed based upon the latest Revision pushed through to Zoho as each Quote has a unique Quote ID/External Link.

      Thanks again Sam,


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