Currently, you can embed any image into an Item’s description in Socket, provided it’s hosted online. However, hosting the file online, and managing the sizing to ensure consistency can sometimes be a laborious task.

Our new Item Images feature offers an alternative approach, where you’ll simply click the + Attach Images button under the Item Description which allows you to upload image from your computer. Socket will automatically size and place the image under the Item Description as per the screenshots below:

Select the image(s) from your computer:

Associate up to 5 images with your Item. Associated images will be displayed as per the example below:

The associated Image(s) will be displayed under the Item Description as mentioned above:

A preview of how the Item Image will be displayed on the Quote PDF sent to your customer:

View the associated Item Images on Quote Edit by clicking on the + Show Images button:


Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

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