In many quoting scenarios, the products and services you offer to your customers change slightly. Our Editable Items feature makes it easy to support these scenarios by giving you the ability to make changes on the fly on a Quote-by-Quote basis.

Simply click on the familiar pencil icon as shown in the screenshot below to make the required changes:

Once the dialog opens you’ll be able to change the Item Name, Item Type, Item Description and Attach Images:

However, the most typical scenario will be needing to override the pricing of the Item which can be found by scrolling down the page and selecting the appropriate radio button under Override Pricing shown in the screenshot below:

Enter the new pricing in the Unit Price field highlighted below:

If applicable, you can also choose to override the cost where any changes applied will only take effect for the current Quote, so you can easily customize for a particular customer. When all of the required changes have been made, and the Item has been saved, the Item will appear on the Quote Create screen with Edited beside the Item Name:

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