Socket Pro Tips: Resellers

We often get asked about our Reseller feature which is available on our Station plan and above. Resellers allow you to define company information for each of your Resellers or Affiliates that you’d like to give access to Socket. Users can … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Email Tracking

Our Email Tracking functionality will allow you to keep track of communication with customers, and know the right time to follow up for all Quotes sent from within Socket: The different colours on the email icon will represent an email … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Separate Upfront/Recurring Table

The ability to separate the Upfront/Recurring tables will provide absolute clarity for your customer to know what they’re responsible to pay upfront, and what they’ll be responsible to pay on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis depending upon the recurring … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Search CRM for People

Our Search CRM for People feature is available with the following supported Connectors: Salesforce, Highrise, Zoho, Infusionsoft, Base CRM, and Nutshell CRM. By default, as you enter a customer’s contact information in Socket, it searches the People records to find … Read More

Quickbooks Integration

Socket now integrates with QuickBooks Online

We’re excited to announce that our quoting software now integrates with QuickBooks Online. This was one of the most-requested integrations we’ve had to date, so we’re really happy to get this into our customers’ hands after a successful beta trial. How … Read More