Our Email Tracking functionality will allow you to keep track of communication with customers, and know the right time to follow up for all Quotes sent from within Socket:

The different colours on the email icon will represent an email status, which can be:

  • White: not sent, or we do not have data. Depending on your account emails sent before October may not have any information
  • Black: sent, but not yet processed or delivered
  • Blue: processed and delivered, but not yet opened
  • Green: opened
  • Red: bounced, likely due to a mistyped email
  • Red with yellow: the customer has reported the Quote as spam. This is very serious as it will impact either our (or your, if you have email white-labeling enabled) domain reputation, which can cause problems with email deliverability.

Clicking on a coloured email icon will provide a more detailed view of the Quote’s email status:

By hovering over each status, you can see the most recent event for that status. If you’d like a more detailed view of each individual event, click the View Logs link:

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