We’re excited to announce that Socket now integrates with Agile CRM.

How Socket integrates with Agile CRM

The integration is seamless and simple:

  • When a Quote, Inquiry, or Person is created in Socket, the customer’s contact information is automatically added to your Agile CRM account under Contacts. If a Contact with a matching email address already exists in Agile CRM, it will be updated. A Company will also be created to store the Contact’s company name, if necessary.
  • When a Quote is created in Socket, a Deal will be added to Agile CRM. If the Quote in Socket has an owner, we will try and find a corresponding user in Agile CRM, and set the Deal owner accordingly.
  • Our Person Search feature can search for contacts in Agile CRM when a Quote is created

Our quoting software also integrates with several other popular third-party apps. You can read more about our other supported integrations here.

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