We’re excited to announce that our quoting software now integrates with Autotask. It will be available as a Premium Integration available on our Station plan and above.

How Socket integrates with Autotask

The integration is seamless and simple:

  • When a Quote or Person is created in Socket, the Person information will be pushed as an Autotask Account and Autotask Contact. Accounts will be compared by names, and contacts will be compared by emails.
  • When a Quote is created or updated in Socket, the Quote information will be pushed as an Autotask Opportunity and Autotask Quote.
  • All monetary values will be posted to Autotask using its settings. Multi-currency is not yet supported in this version.
  • Recurring items will be posted as Services and upfront items as Products. Autotask only supports 1 upfront payment on recurring Services. Autotask also doesn’t support recurring discounts.
  • Our Person Search feature can search for contacts in Autotask when a Quote is created

Our quoting software also integrates with several other popular third-party apps. You can read more about our other supported integrations here.

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