New Feature: Per Reseller Connectors

As promised, per Reseller Connectors are now available! This will allow our partner’s Resellers to integrate with their own third-party systems and track their sales process in a more familiar way. As mentioned in the previous Reseller improvements post, we added … Read More

New Feature: Currency Selector on Quote Create

By default, if you had more than one currency set up on your account, Quotes were automatically created in the correct currency based on the customer’s location and your Currencies configuration. With our new currency selector available on Quote create, it … Read More

Feature Improvement: Reseller Email Notifications

We’ve released an improvement to our Reseller functionality that will now allow your Resellers to be notified of publicly generated Quotes, Inquiries, and when a Quote has been ordered. When creating a Reseller or editing an existing Reseller, simply specify … Read More

Feature Improvement: Updated Dashboard

In anticipation of our upcoming Reports functionality, we’ve made an update to your Socket Dashboard! The updated Dashboard features an improved date picker with more presets and custom range functionality to dial in a specific date range. We’ve also changed … Read More

Feature Improvement: New PDF Generator

Here at Socket we take saving time seriously. From quote generation to quote acceptance, each action in your workflow can save precious seconds for you and your customers. Today we’re happy to announce the release of a new PDF generator. … Read More