In preparation for our upcoming Draft Quotes feature and unification of Quote Create and Quote Edit, we’re excited to release the completely revamped Quote Create as the first step towards these major new features.

What’s new:

  • Completely revamped UI that allows you to focus only on the section you’re working on.
  • The Quote Name is editable inline
  • The Quote Expiry (if Default Expiry in Days is not set to 0) is editable on Quote Create.

What’s changed:

  • For Template Content, we will always use what’s in the inputs versus explicitly overriding the Template Content.
  • The Taxes will always load based on the Country/Region of the Person selected (the ability to override these Taxes on a Quote-by-Quote basis has not changed).

Our engineering team has been hard on several new features that we’ll be releasing later this quarter, including, but not limited to: ConnectBooster Integration, Draft Quotes, Optional Items. Stay tuned!

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