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3 Reasons How Quoter Can Add Value to Your Business

Many of us made resolutions at the beginning of the year. Whether they are for personal or professional reasons, ultimately, the New Year has that effect on us to want to reset things and strive ahead to make improvements. According to a survey conducted by Constant Contact, 53 percent of small businesses make New Year’s resolutions every year and 23 percent make them every few years. According to their survey, the top three resolutions by organizations are: growing annual revenue, running their business more efficiently, and getting more customers. Quoter is an automated, online quoting system that lets companies build their own quote forms, sell their products/services online, and track and manage leads.

Quoter can help your business increase momentum with these three objectives.

Improve Business Efficiency

After working with a client success specialist and successfully setting up Quoter, it will save your sales people on average, 90% in time, generating and sending quotes. Quoter allows you to setup quote forms which will steer your sales people and resellers through the daunting task of putting together any type of quote. No matter how complex your products and services are, with Quoter, you can create multiple forms so that salespeople can select one based on the type of quote they wish to create. This improves their ability to turn the quote around faster, as opposed to sifting through hundreds if not thousands of SKUs.

In addition to saving on time, Quoter will allow you to have professional looking quotes, which will have the ability to allow your customers to click a button and buy, via credit card or purchase order. Further, if you use one of our third-party connectors, you will be able to push quoting information created in Quoter to your account and contact files in your CRM.

Build New Customers

It goes without saying today, that the appetite for information is on an upward trajectory and the patience to acquire that information is on a severe downward trajectory. As per a research study conducted by the research firm Ipsos, 61% of global internet users research products and services online. One of the arguable reasons for the rise of the SaaS based delivery option for software is because most of them advertise their prices online in simple packages and make it possible for clients to sign up and start using the solution right away. This is definitely no possible or practical for all businesses; however, allowing your customers to generate a quote directly from your website will significantly increase the chances of getting that customer to a buying decision faster.

When quote forms are created in Quoter, they can be embedded directly on to your website. This allows people visiting your site to get all the information they want and for you to capture their information via the quote form. Many of our clients increase their SEO efforts when they embed quote forms on their websites and as a result experience significant increases in the number of leads that they generate from their website. This is a proven method of generating quality leads, who in turn become paying customers.

Grow Annual Revenue

By improving the efficiency of your sales team, ceteris paribus, they will naturally be able to handle more customers. Quoter creates an easy process for your sales team and customers to conduct business, which will work towards growing your annual revenue. If you currently aren’t selling online, then Quoter is an easy way to start processing inbound business. Using Quoter, you can allow your customers to create their own online quotes and place an order. With Quoter, you can also accept purchase orders, or charge deposit payments, if this is a part of your business requirements.

In summary, Quoter can help your organization improve efficiency, get new customers, and increase revenue. Quoter is the perfect sales tool to help your sales people quote faster, have your website traffic run their own quotes, providing higher quality leads to close, and allowing clients who receive quotes from you business to place orders via credit card or purchase order. Quoter can help cover all aspects of the sales process with great ease.

Make 2014 an amazing year for your business and sign up for a free 30-day trial today by visiting this link: https://www.quoter.com/pricing/


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