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Easy-to-use Interface

Quoter takes the pain out of quoting

Quoter’s simple and easy-to-use interface makes quoting and lead management, dare we say, fun!

Quick and easy setup

You can create and send your first quote in a matter of minutes, adding additional customized templates as you go. Once you have refined your templates, quotes can be created in seconds with just a few clicks.

Powerful searching tools

Quoter’s powerful searching tools make it easy to find quotes or customer leads. Easily combine search criteria to find information with great flexibility.

Flexible quote management

You can easily assign sales quotes to one or more of your salespeople for effective lead management. Quickly mark quotes as pending, PO received, ordered, fulfilled, or lost.

Intelligent dashboard for business insight

Easily gain insight into your business with reports and graphs of quotes, sales, and closing ratios over time.

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