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New Feature: Assign Quote Owner

With future functionality in mind, we’ve rolled out new Quote owner functionality. Previously, you could simply assign a Socket User to a Socket Person, which would allow that User to see all Quotes generated by that Person. In many sales teams, however, there is one individual responsible for a Quote, which can now be set using the new Quote Owner tab, under the Assign option (which was renamed from Assign to User):


This will set the User as the person responsible for the Quote, and show their profile picture if available (can be set by editing a User), or initials:


By default, the User who created the Quote will be the Quote owner. The Quote owner is shown on the Quote PDF, as they are the main point of contact. As such, we changed the “Created By” label to simply “Contact”, as the Quote creator may not be the Quote owner. You can change this in the Settings > Labels and Messages section, under the Quote tab.

There are also additional search options that allow you to view Quotes owned by a particular User. We have detailed reporting and gamification functionality in the pipeline which will work with the Quote owner functionality to provide greater insight into your sales process, helping you save more time and close more deals.

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