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New Feature: Per Reseller Payment Gateways

One of our focuses this quarter was to improve our Reseller functionality, as it’s very popular amongst MSPs. In this vein, we’re proud to release a new feature that allows our partners to have per Reseller Payment Gateways. This will allow our partner’s Resellers to add their own Payment Gateways and accept payments quickly and easily.

We’ve added a new “Reseller Admin” User Type to facilitate this change. Reseller Admins can view the Users associated with their Reseller, and also view Payment Gateways that are accessible to the Reseller. There are two ways to go about setting up a Payment Gateway that a Reseller can use:

  1. As a partner, any Payment Gateways you create now have a “Show to All Resellers” option. This will allow any Reseller that generates a Quote from a Quote Template that has online payments enabled to utilize this Payment Gateway.
  2. As a partner, create a Reseller Admin User. These Users can create Payment Gateways for themselves, and can only be used by that Reseller.

To retain control, Reseller Admins cannot view or modify any of the details of Payment Gateways that the partner creates, and while the partner cannot view or modify any of the details of a Reseller’s Payment Gateway, they can delete them as necessary. Keep in mind that you still have control over which Templates a Reseller can use, with our Quote Template Groups feature, so you have full control over which Resellers can offer online payments to their customers.

Up next is per Reseller Connectors, so stay tuned!

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