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New Feature: Quote Preview

In the aims of further streamlining Quote creation, we’ve introduced a “preview” step into the process. This will allow you to preview the Quote prior to creating it, ensuring all the details are correct.

In light of this change, the setting to email the Quote to the customer has been moved up because we now encourage you to use this section, since you will review the Quote prior to sending:


Once you generate the preview, you can review the Quote details and download a PDF preview of the Quote:


If you’d like to make a change, simply click the Edit Quote button at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, click the “Generate and Email Quote” button and your Quote will be created, and emailed to your customer if you so specified.

Two other important things to note:

  • The edit Quote functionality hasn’t changed yet, so please be aware should you choose to send a Quote revision to a customer.
  • We’ve removed the Test Quote functionality from the Quote Templates overview page, as this functionality is redundant with the Quote preview.

Stay tuned for another big feature update, coming very soon!

Quote Preview Update
If you’d like to bypass the Quote Preview functionality, click the “Generate Quote” button as shown in the screenshot below which will generate the Quote, and direct you back to the “Quotes” tab to view/edit/email the Quote accordingly:

Optional - Generate Quote



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