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Quoter now integrates with QuickBooks Online

We’re excited to announce that our quoting software now integrates with QuickBooks Online. This was one of the most-requested integrations we’ve had to date, so we’re really happy to get this into our customers’ hands after a successful beta trial.

How Quoter integrates with QuickBooks Online

The Quickbooks Quote Software integration is seamless and simple:

  • When a Quote is created in Quoter, a QuickBooks Estimate/Quote will be created automatically along with its Items. The connector will try to match Quoter People (or CRM/PSA integration) with QuickBooks Customer by Organization or Person name and will create a new Customer if no matches are found. Currency abbreviation will be added as a name suffix for customers not using the default currency.
  • When a Quote status is changed to PO Received, Ordered, or Fulfilled, a QuickBooks Invoice will be automatically created.
  • When a Payment is accepted for a Quote via Quoter, a Transaction will be automatically applied to the corresponding Invoice in QuickBooks.

Our quoting software also integrates with several other popular third-party apps. You can read more about our other supported integrations here.

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