Use Bundles to improve your quotes

Bundles allow you to combine multiple products and/or services into one fixed-quantity package which you can easily add to your Templates and Quotes. With Bundles, you can:

  • consolidate multiple Items into a Bundle with a single price/description, making your Quotes cleaner and simpler
  • set up fixed quantities of Items within a Bundle so that adjusting the quantity for the Bundle also adjusts all the Items within the Bundle (e.g., 1 car will always contain 4 wheels)
  • create Optional Bundles that the customer can choose from when accepting the Quote

Creating an Optional Bundles makes it easy to offer alternative product packages to customers, so they have more freedom when accepting your Quote.

You can also choose whether you’d like the Bundle and Bundle description to be shown on the Quote, or have the components listed as normal Line Items. Selecting the former will simply show the total amount for all the packaged items.

Choosing to show the Items in a Bundle will display the components as regular Line Items on the Quote. This makes it easy for users to add multiple Items to the Quote without needing to select the Items or quantities individually.