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Single Select

Single Select

Offer ultimate purchasing flexibility

Single Select (also known as radio button) is an efficient way to present more than one purchasing option on a Quote or Proposal.

Single Select Sections

Plan or package options can be created in difference sections of a quote using Single Select. This allows you to present a good/better/best solution and the customer can select their best-fit configuration before accepting and paying.

Single Select Line Item Groups

Radio button controls can be nested within a section. This is called Single Select Line Item Groups. Now you can add multiple purchasing options within a package for more advanced configuration.

Select, Sign & Pay

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) combined with E-signatures and Payments to streamline your Quote-to-Cash process.

Single Select

Does your business need Single Select?

Professional B2B sales packaged services, plans or sponsorships.

Selling products & services

Configure one-time or recurring fees

Built directly into templates

Set up once and enable more of the team to send quotes using standardized templates

Faster end-customer purchasing

One consolidated quote with fewer revisions

Add (technically) unlimited options

Multiple Single Select sections can be added to a quote template to fit your sales requirements
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“I love the click to accept, no more print, sign, scan and email back requests or trying to overlay DocuSign on existing pdf quotes, this makes it so much faster and easier for my clients to view and accept my quotes.”

Jennifer S
Senior Sales

Offer Optional Items to maximize order value

Configure a checkbox for products or services that can be recurring or editable quantity.

See Optional Items
optional editable quantities

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