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Electronic Quote Acceptance and Signatures

E-Signatures & Agreements

Streamline your order process

Electronically accept and sign proposals subject to the acceptance terms you specify.

Let your customers buy when purchase intent is at its peak

Customers can take action on a quote as soon as it’s received. Accept, sign and pay in the same moment. It’s a quick win in your quote-to-cash process.

Approvals on the go

With e-signatures enabled, customers can simply follow a secure link in their quote to an online checkout page where they can agree to your terms and electronically sign their name before accepting the Quote. No account or login required.

Notified upon approval

Once a quote is accepted, the quote is marked as accepted and you’ll be notified immediately via email. You can then fulfill the order as required and notify your customer once you’re ready.

Do more with E-signatures & Quote Acceptance

Collect and archive signed approval from all quotes

Utilize Quoter’s online payment processing to require full payment, or a deposit (either as a fixed amount or percentage of the quote) if you choose.

Link with PayPal, Moneris, or other popular payments gateways.

Learn more about our Electronic Signature & Quote Acceptance functionality

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