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Email Tracking

Email Tracking

Track and manage follow ups in one place

Our email tracking functionality will allow you to keep track of communication with customers, and know the right time to follow up on all quotes sent from within Quoter.

When it comes to sending quotes: Quoter > Outlook

Never lose track of quotes sent out when they are sent from within Quoter. Text body has formatting controls to format and paste in your email signature. Add custom mail merge fields to include specific criteria like “Quote Total” ” Upfront Payments” and more.

Track email status to confirm delivery

⚪️  White: Not sent, or we do not have data
🔵  Blue: Processed and delivered, but not opened
🟢  Green: Opened!
🔴  Red: Bounced, likely due to a mistyped email
🟡  Yellow: Deferred or still processing

Track history and attribution

By hovering over each status, you can see the most recent event for that status. If you’d like a more detailed view of each individual event, click the View Logs link.

With Email Tracking, you can

Quickly follow up with pending quotes, and track history on each touchpoint.

Move sending activity out of the email client (Outlook, Gmail, Mac mail) and into a consolidated workspace.

Confim quote delivery and know when a customer or prospect opens the email.

📅 Automated Quote Reminders

With Automated Quote Reminders, you can schedule email reminders sent to a Quote recipient. Send a reminder in 7 days, 14 days, or 3 days before a Quote expiry.

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