Simple, configurable products and services

Create configurable products and services to automate the pricing of complex products based on the customer’s needs at the time of quote creation.

Quoter makes it easy to create user-selectable options, such as size, model, plan, material, or any other variable that would affect the configuration and pricing of a product or service.

This allows you to build your own simple configure-price-quote (CPQ) system where complex products and services can be configured and quoted by your sales team with just a few clicks.

Example quoting systems that would benefit from Quoter’s Product Configurator

  • Computer Quoting System — e.g. “Choose CPU/Hard Drive/Memory”
  • VoIP Quoting System — e.g. “Choose a line and extension package”
  • SaaS Quoting System — e.g. “Choose a monthly plan”
  • Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Quoting System — “Select the add-on modules you require”