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Cost and Margin Tracking

Cost & Margin Tracking

Know which products & services perform best

Quoter’s cost and margin tracking helps you keep a pulse on the amount of money you’re making on your products and services.

Specify cost or margin

Simply specify the cost or margin of each product or service and their respective options, and Quoter will automatically calculate your margin on a per-product and per-quote basis.

Pricing Structure Supports:

  • Fixed Per Unit Pricing
  • Tiered Pricing
    – Flat Fee Pricing
    – Percentage Based Pricing

Note: Any currency can be added or removed from pricing.

Calculate and Track Margin automatically

Once you’ve entered your cost, the margins are automatically calculated for you when you create or preview quotes.

Note: Margins are not shown on the quote that the end-customer sees. Admins can also hide margins for specific users as needed.

Sales performance reporting

Our Quotes overview page shows you margin data, and coupled with our powerful searching capabilities, allows you to see your company’s recent margin performance at a glance.

Learn more about our Cost & Margin Tracking functionality

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cost and margin tracking

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