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Smart Templates

Smart Templates

Streamline your sales quotes & proposals

With smart, reusable templates, you can standardize quote and proposal content, including product descriptions, configuration, and pricing.

Minimize data entry with smart, reusable templates

With your product, pricing, and quotation information standardized in smart, reusable templates, your sales team can create comprehensive, accurate sales quotations in seconds.

Simple & intuitive setup

Quoter’s simple and easy-to-use interface makes building out your templates a breeze. You can create and send your first quote in a matter of minutes, adding additional customized templates as you go. Once you have refined your templates, quotes can be created in seconds with just a few clicks.

Flexible pricing configuration

Quoter features powerful pricing configuration options giving you tremendous flexibility in automating the pricing of your products and services.

With Smart Templates, you can

Quoter’s Templates can be customized with your own proposal content, such as a cover page and introductory content, product and marketing material, terms, order instructions, and more.

Attach additional content to your quotes and proposals, such as brochures, contracts, or other documents. These attachments are automatically included with your proposal.

Create comprehensive proposals with just a few clicks, minimizing data entry, improving accuracy, and saving time.

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