Create autonomy with Manager Approvals

Quoter’s Manager Approvals feature lets you create simple automation rules to empower more staff to create quotes, without fear of losing control. Coupled with our unlimited user pricing plans, you can build sales and quoting into your culture to turn every customer touchpoint into an opportunity to sell more.

By creating customized Approval Policies for each of your employees, you can provide complete autonomy for them to create and send quotes where the risk is low, while enforcing restrictions where it matters most.

Some examples of what manager approval can be triggered on include:

  • Total Amounts (up-front and recurring)
  • Total Margins (up-front and recurring)
  • Line Item Amounts (up-front and recurring)
  • Line Item Margins (up-front and recurring)
  • Line Item Name/Description

Your staff can create and send Quotes without approval as long as no policy rules are violated, eliminating bottlenecks once and for all.

Should a Quote trigger a policy violation, the assigned manager(s) are automatically notified. The Quote can then be reviewed and approved with a single click. This can even be done on the go, with our mobile-friendly interface.