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Enhanced Security


State of the art data security

Quoter is hosted on world-class cloud hosting infrastructure powered by Amazon AWS. Unparalleled physical security, such as biometric access protocols and surveillance ensure your data is safe.

Bank-level 256-bit SSL Encryption

Sensitive data such as login passwords and credit card transactions are all transmitted over bank-level 256-bit SSL encrypted connections.

Regularly updated, secure infrastructure

The infrastructure that powers our quoting software is updated regularly with the latest security patches. Quoter runs on a dedicated network with firewall protection.

PCI Compliant Network

All credit card transactions are transmitted over a 256-bit SSL encrypted connection from our PCI-DSS Compliant servers and processed via secure payment gateways. Credit card data is never stored on our servers.

Redundant storage and daily backups

We ensure your data is protected via redundant data storage and daily off-site backups.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

All Plans come with MFA, allowing you to add a second layer of protection on top of your standard username and password when signing in. With MFA enabled, users logging into your account will be prompted for an additional short-lived authentication code from their MFA device, such as Google Authenticator. Taken together, these authentication factors provide increased security such that a valid username and password alone are not enough to access your Quoter account.

SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)

Available on our Pro and Enterprise Plans, SAML SSO allows you to authenticate with Quoter directly via your SAML SSO identity provider such as Google, Azure, or OneLogin. By using an SSO provider, you can cut down on your employees’ password sprawl and provide greater access control.

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