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Online Payment Processing

Online Payment Processing

Secure, real-time credit card processing

Quoter’s online payment processing system allows your customers to easily and securely place orders online. Customers can simply follow a secure link in their quote to an online checkout page where they can complete their order.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Quoter integrates with several popular payment gateways to securely process customers’ credit cards in real-time. Enhanced security ensures none of your customers’ credit card data is stored in our PCI Compliant servers, and transactions are processed over a secure 256-bit SSL connection.

Support for automatic recurring charges

Quoter removes the hassle from collecting recurring payments by allowing you to include recurring fees in your quotes and orders. You can configure recurring charges on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. When a customer places an order, Quoter’s recurring billing system automatically schedules any recurring fees to be charged to the customer’s credit card based on the frequency you set.

Close deals faster with electronic quote acceptance & payments

Once a customer is ready to order, they can accept and sign the quote electronically without any manual intervention on your part.

Quoter’s online payment processing also allows you to accept secure online payments by credit card. You can choose whether to require a deposit or full payment, and even schedule recurring payments.

Simultaneous multi-gateway support

Quoter even allows you to use multiple payment gateways simultaneously, so you can give customers the option to pay by credit card or PayPal, for example. You can also assign payment gateways to specific currencies, so payments can be funnelled into the appropriate merchant accounts based on the currency of the quotes being purchased.

Instant order notifications

Once a payment is successfully processed, the quote is flagged as Ordered and you’ll be notified immediately via e-mail. You can then fulfill the order as required and notify your customer once you’re ready.

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