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Quoter + ConnectBooster

Quoter + ConnectBooster

ConnectBooster automates your receivables and payment process. ConnectBooster allows MSPs to streamline cashflow and scale their businesses with a fully-automated collections and payment process. When integrated with Quoter, ConnectBooster gives your customer the ability to pay their for quotes when and where it’s convenient for them.


ConnectBooster Integration Features

Accept payment via ACH, e-Check, or credit card

ConnectBooster allows you to accept payment by ACH, e-Check, and credit card. Your customers can electronically accept, sign, and pay for quotes, either as a deposit amount or full payment.

Payment information is conveniently saved to ConnectBooster for future use, so your customers can easily select an existing payment method when making a payment.

All of this happens automatically, with no manual work required by you.

First-class customer payment experience

Quoter integrates seamlessly with ConnectBooster and your PSA to make the customer experience payment first-class. Payment information is stored and retrieved via ConnectBooster’s secure vault, which is automatically linked up with your PSA.

When your customer accepts their quote, their existing payment information is conveniently retrieved.

The result? Less hassle and less time for everyone, and you’ll get paid faster.

Integrate ConnectBooster with your Quoter account

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