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Quoter + Kaseya BMS

Quoter + Kaseya BMS

Quoter integrates with Kaseya BMS. Contacts, Companies, Opportunities, and Service Quotations are automatically created in Kaseya BMS each time a Quote is created in Quoter. Pull in contacts and products from Kaseya BMS when creating a Quote in Quoter.


Kaseya BMS Integration Features

When creating a Quote in Quoter, you can search for an existing Kaseya BMS Contact or create a new one automatically.

You can also pull existing Kaseya BMS Products into Quoter Quotes in real-time.

When a Quote is created or updated in Quoter, the Kaseya BMS Opportunity will be updated with the value of the Quote, and a Service Quotation will be created or updated with the line items in the Quoter Quote.

Quoter automatically matches your existing Items, or creates new ones if they do not exist.

When a Quote is won or lost, Quoter will update the status of the Kaseya BMS Opportunity according to the mapping settings you configure.

Integrate Kaseya BMS with your Quoter account

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