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Quoter + TD SYNNEX

Quoter + TD SYNNEX

Quoter integrates with TD SYNNEX to provide easy access to real-time pricing and availability of products using your reseller account.


TD SYNNEX Integration Features

When creating a Quote, click Select Item.

The Select Item dialog will have a Product Cloud tab which will allow you to compare real-time pricing and availability from TD SYNNEX and all other integrated distributors.

After selecting a product from TD SYNNEX, set the sell price and modify any product details, or leverage our default markup feature to return to your Quote in one click.

If you need to revise a Quote, we’ll check all of your integrated distributors for price and availability changes and inform you if a cheaper price is available or if the item is no longer available.

Product Update: Distributor Pricing and Availability

Our system will check and provide prompts on any changes to pricing and/or availability of quoted hardware.

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Integrate TD SYNNEX with your Quoter account

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