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Quoter Product Update: Distributor Pricing and Availability

The complexities of distributor supply chains can feel like a moving target when Quoting. It’s important that any changes to pricing or availability on hardware are updated on a Quote to protect your profit margin and ensure procurement. 

Today we’ve pushed an update to improve the user experience when revising or drafting a Quote using one (or more) of our integrated distributors. Our system will check and provide prompts on any changes to pricing and/or availability of quoted hardware.

Distributors that integrate with Quoter:

How it works:

IT Service Providers that integrate any of our distributors with Quoter will see where the item is being sourced on the Quote Line:

synnex product update quote line
Quote line item sourced from Synnex with confirmed pricing and availability.

1. When making a revision on a Quote, we’ll automatically show you any distributor items that are no longer available, have changed in price, or have a lower price available from a different distributor – no action is needed by you, it’s fully automated.

Quote line item sourced from Ingram Micro with a lower-cost product found at Synnex.

2. Quotes that have been saved as a draft will also do a real-time check with the items on your Quote against all of your integrated distributors. One-click: visual feedback and actionable insights.

synnex and ingram micro quote line
Multiple distributors are supported within a single Quote.

This update to Distributor Pricing and Availability is now live on all Quoter Accounts.

Questions or feedback? Let your support rep know or contact us through our web chat!

See more details in our knowledge base article.

The world is changing fast and at Quoter we’re as fast as lightning, baby!

austin powers

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