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3 automations to optimize quote-to-cash for industry event sales

In the dynamic landscape of industry event sales, where time is of the essence, the quote-to-cash process plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless transactions. From generating quotes to processing payments, every step matters in delivering a positive customer experience. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore how automation can significantly enhance the efficiency of your quote-to-cash workflow, specifically tailored for the unique demands of industry event sales. As we delve into these strategies, we’ll spotlight how Quoter, an end-to-end quote-to-cash platform, can be your ally in streamlining these processes.

Streamlining Quoting Processes

Automating Quote Generation

The first crucial step in the quote-to-cash journey is the generation of accurate and tailored quotes. Manual quote creation can be time-consuming and prone to errors. This is where automation saves the day.

With Smart Templates from Quoter, you can quickly build, customize, save, and reuse quote templates to suit the specific needs of industry event sales. With Quoter’s intuitive interface, you can swiftly generate professional-looking quotes with all the necessary details. Whether you’re quoting for booth space, sponsorships, or other event-related services, Quoter’s templates provide a solid foundation, ensuring consistency and accuracy in your quotes.

Accelerating Follow-up Workflows

In the fast-paced world of industry events, waiting for approvals can lead to missed opportunities. Quoter addresses this challenge by automating follow-up emails. Schedule the quote reminder within the Quoter dashboard, and never miss another follow-up again. 

Automating the follow-up process saves time and enhances rapport with your prospect. Quoter’s automated workflows move your quotes swiftly through the approval chain, preventing bottlenecks and keeping you on top of a busy sales cycle. 

Customizing Quotes for Event Sales Success

Industry event sales often require a personalized touch. Quoter allows you to go beyond standardization by enabling easy customization of quotes. Tailor each quote to meet the specific needs and preferences of your clients. Whether adding special event discounts or highlighting unique service offerings, Quoter allows you to make each quote resonate with your prospects.

Other Quoter features industry sales teams love include Single Select, for selecting a single item from a list, and Optional Items, which allow the prospect to make the selections they want based on what you provide as options on the quote. 

The ability to customize quotes efficiently not only enhances the client experience but also sets your offerings apart in a competitive market. As reported by Hubspot from a 2023 survey of over 1,000 sales professionals, “standing out from the competition was one of the most prevalent challenges facing salespeople.” Differentiation must be top of mind.

Quoter’s platform ensures user-friendly customization, enabling even non-technical team members to create compelling and personalized quotes.

[Editor’s note: With unlimited users on all Quoter plans, why not get more on your team involved in the quoting process?] 

Ensuring Accuracy in Transactions

Accuracy in transactions is non-negotiable, especially in industry event sales, where precision is key. Quoter’s end-to-end platform ensures the accuracy of transactions by automating calculations, taxes, and any additional fees. This reduces the likelihood of errors and enhances transparency in financial transactions.

Quoter’s commitment to accuracy extends to its reporting capabilities, providing detailed insights into sales performance and revenue generation. By automating the transactional aspects of the quote-to-cash process, Quoter empowers your team to focus on delivering exceptional service rather than getting bogged down by manual calculations and reconciliations.

Maximizing Cash Flow with Automation

Implementing Automated Invoicing

In the chaos of industry event sales, timely invoicing is crucial for maintaining healthy cash flow. Quoter simplifies this process by automating the generation and delivery of invoices with accounting software and payment processing integrations. Once a quote is accepted, Quoter can automatically generate and send invoices to clients, reducing the invoicing cycle and accelerating the payment process.

Automated invoicing saves time and reduces the risk of missed payments. A professional and streamlined invoicing process contributes to a positive client experience.

Accelerating Payment Collections

Beyond invoicing, Quoter facilitates payment collection by integrating with popular payment gateways. Clients can easily make payments through secure and convenient channels, streamlining the entire payment collection lifecycle. Quoter’s platform supports various payment methods, providing clients flexibility and expediting your business’s cash collection process.

By automating payment collections, Quoter enhances the client experience and ensures that your business maintains a healthy cash flow. The platform’s integration with payment gateways is designed to be seamless, providing a hassle-free experience for your team and clients.

Reducing Delays and Optimizing Revenue Streams

Delays in the payment collection process can significantly impact your revenue streams. By optimizing the payment collection process with easy online payment options, Quoter contributes to a steady and predictable revenue stream for your event organization. Reducing delays also enhances your financial forecasting capabilities, allowing you to plan and allocate resources effectively.


Efficiency is the key to success in the fast-paced world of industry event sales. As an end-to-end quote-to-cash platform with features built to help ease the stress of industry event sales, Quoter offers a comprehensive solution to streamline the entire sales process. 

From pre-built templates that simplify quoting to automated agreements and payment processing, Quoter is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of industry event sales teams.

By leveraging the automation discussed in this blog post, you can save time, reduce manual errors, and elevate the overall client experience. Quoter’s commitment to simplicity and functionality makes it a valuable ally in navigating the complexities of industry event sales. It lets your team focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional event sponsorship value and driving success in every event.

See how Quoter takes industry event sales to the next level. Book your demo.

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