New Feature: Quote Sections

After many requests, we’ve finally released our Quote Sections feature! Now you can organize your Quotes by breaking them up into individual Sections with their own subtotals. It’s a great way to give your customers even more clarity when they’re … Read More

New Feature: Bundles

Bundles are here! We’ve had a lot of requests from Partners to be able to set fixed-quantity Bundles for packages that require a specific number of components. Now with our Bundles feature, you can easily set up multiple Items under … Read More

Feature Improvement: Percentage Based Pricing Update

When we introduced the concept of Subcategories, we maintained a simple calculation for Percentage Based Items – their pricing would be dependent solely upon the Category (or Subcategory) selected. Since then, we received a lot of feedback from Partners expressing … Read More

New Feature: Draft Quotes

We received a lot of feedback from our Partners that they were finding it limiting to not have the ability to save a Quote during the Quote Create process to come back to at a later time. We’re extremely excited … Read More

Feature Improvement: Product Cloud Beta

We received a lot of feedback from our Partners that they were finding it limiting to only have the option to search our supported Distributors by Manufacturer Part Number when using our Product Cloud feature. We’re extremely excited release our … Read More

Integration Update: Kaseya BMS Improvements

With our Kaseya BMS integration, we now support mapping of Quoter Categories to Kaseya Service Quotation Fixed Labor Item Types: Stay tuned for future updates to support additional Service Quotation Item Types.   Happy Quoting!

New Feature: Default Product Cloud Category/Subcategory

To provide more control over your Item Categories within Quoter, we have added a new setting for our Product Cloud feature. It allows you to choose to continue populating the Category field(s) with the data returned by a Product Cloud … Read More

Quoter now integrates with Dicker Data

We’re excited to announce that Quoter now integrates with Dicker Data How Quoter integrates with Dicker Data When creating a Quote in Quoter, you can search Dicker Data for product pricing and availability by Manufacturer Part Number or Keyword. The … Read More

Integration Update: QuickBooks Online Improvements

We have released the following improvements to our QuickBooks Online Integration: With our Quickbooks Online integration, we now allow you to map the Quoter Item Categories to QBO Revenue Categories With our Quickbooks Online integration, we now allow you to … Read More

Feature Update: Email Tracking Improvements

We’re excited to release an update to our Email Tracking feature that will allow you see theEmail Content (subject, body and attachments (if applicable)) of the email that was sent: Happy Quoting!

New Feature: Per-Template Quote Display Settings

We now allow per-Template customization of the Pricing Table display settings: These settings will take priority over the account level Pricing Table display settings.   Happy Quoting!

New Feature: Accept Quote Button Customization

We now allow you to customize the background and font colour of the “Accept Quote” button as shown on the Quote: Happy Quoting!