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Feature Improvement: Product Cloud

We received a lot of feedback from our partners that they were finding it limiting to only have the option to search our supported Distributors by Manufacturer Part Number when using our Product Cloud feature. We’re extremely excited release our newest version of Product Cloud currently in BETA to address this limitation by allowing our Partners to search supported Distributors by Manufacturer Part Number and Keyword.

product cloud interface

What’s new

  • A completely new UI
  • Product Search by Keyword
  • Adding a Quantity to check availability based on the desired Quantity
  • The ability to filter by Categories, Manufacturers, Product Type, etc.
  • Search Manufacturer Part Number filtered by Brand
  • Multiple SKUs, if returned, will be displayed for any given MPN
  • Hide Products without Pricing
  • Hide Products without Availability
  • Product Images and Descriptions returned by Ice Cat

What’s changed

  • No longer limited to only searching by Manufacturer Part Number

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