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Getting started with Quoter: Professional Service Implementation

Integrating a new quoting software into your business is not as easy as simply creating an account.

It’s the change of a business process that can be unfamiliar or the habit-breaking that’s the most difficult.

We recognize this and have designed a system for onboarding every single business to Quoter. It’s a requirement because each business aims to solve a different mix of problems when adopting Quoter, and we’re able to provide valuable training to ensure the business is getting the most value out of Quoter in a short period of time.

What’s included with service implementation?

Team Experience

Each person on our Success Team has onboarded hundreds of businesses. They understand common pitfalls and challenges that apply to business size, vertical and quoting volume. Our onboarding alleviates the administrative time a business would spend adopting Quoter on its own, and we make the transition more hands-off.

Lifetime Support

Once fully onboarded, our support is free. Hiring new staff? They can book a free training session with us to get familiar with their account and Quoter best practices. Anytime there is an issue or question on how to use your account, our support can be reached by Chat, Email or Phone. Our in-app chat is the fastest to reach us during (Pacific) business hours. Our product roadmap is based primarily on suggestions and feedback from our users. We value any kind of feedback as we continue to develop the product!

Each new account has a dedicated account manager to assist with service implementation

quoter onboarding steps new account

1. First onboarding session

This is your Quoter Account setup and configuration.

  1. Send us a sample quote or Excel spreadsheet. We’ll use this information to build out your first template.
  2. Proposal and cover page styling. Your logo and brand colours are used to style the quote and proposal templates.
  3. Overview of the account and general settings.
  4. Connect integrations (CRM, PSA, Distributors, Payment Gateway, Accounting, other).
  5. Email white-labelling and updating your DNS (SPF record added). This is important for outbound mail sent from your Quoter account.

2. Second onboarding session

This is where we host a training session with your team.

  1. Review your quoting workflow, and answer any questions on roles and processes.
  2. Quoter team training session (this is recommended, but optional).
  3. Get credentials approved from vendors.

We will check in regularly over the first 3 months, getting started.

3. Third onboarding session

Final review of the account activity and Q&A. Business is fully onboarded.

4. Ongoing Support

One more outbound touchpoint from your account manager to collect feedback on the app experience.

quoter onboarding overview

Ready to get started?

Contact us using one of the two options below and we’ll get to work!

A. Request a demo
To see a detailed overview of Quoter and how it can be applied to your business, request a demo and we’ll screen-share, show you around and you can ask us any questions along the way. This is pending availability, but it’s common for us to book same-day demos when they are requested.

B. In a hurry? Skip the demo
You have the option to sign up yourself! See our plans and select the “Buy Now” button for each plan on our pricing page.

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