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New Feature: Bundles

Bundles are here!

We’ve had a lot of requests from Partners to be able to set fixed-quantity Bundles for packages that require a specific number of components. Now with our Bundles feature, you can easily set up multiple Items under one Bundle with a fixed quantity for each!

This also lets you create a Bundle with multiple items that displays as a single Line Item with a total based on all the Items within it, as shown here:

quote bundles sample screenshot

It’s also possible to make entire Bundles optional, giving customers the ability to choose which packages they want on their Quotes without having to select multiple Items. Once you’ve created a Bundle with the Show Bundled Items On Quote option unchecked, you can then easily make the Bundle optional when adding it to your Quote:

quote bundles interface screenshot


  • Items within Bundles will be pushed to your integrations as normal Line Items, even if they are set as hidden on the Quote
  • Adding an Item with a Parent/Child relationship will add the Parent and any Child Items to the Bundle (provided the Recurring Frequencies match the Bundle setting)
  • Bundles created during Quote Create/Edit are only for that specific Quote and will not be added to the Bundles tab under Items > Bundles.
  • Additional support documentation: Bundles

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