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New Feature: Quote Sections

After many requests, we’ve finally released our Quote Sections feature! Now you can organize your Quotes by breaking them up into individual Sections with their own subtotals. It’s a great way to give your customers even more clarity when they’re looking over your fabulous Quotes.

Each Section can have its own heading so you have a lot of freedom to split up your Quotes by category, milestone, or any other method you like.

Simply click New Section when creating a Quote to start your Section. From there, it’s a snap to add your products and services!

quote sections interface screenshot

When a customer sees your quote, they’ll be able to easily see the breakdown for your different sections so they know exactly what they’re getting. We’re confident it’ll make the quoting experience much clearer and easier for everyone.

quote sections sample quote


  • Bundles, Product Cloud Items, and Optional Items can be added to Sections just as you normally would when creating a Quote. This gives you a lot of possibilities to offer more choices to your customers!
  • Shipping costs will be calculated for each Section and then added together as part of the Quote Total.
  • Additional support documentation: Quote Sections

Quoter optimizes the sales process for technology service providers, allowing teams to send quotes out faster and close more deals. Quote generator software built by industry experts with top-notch support to ensure your team is onboarded right the first time. Book a demo with us to see how Quoter can fit into your business. 

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