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New HubSpot Integration Feature: Enhanced Contact and Company Data Management in Quoter

💡 We’re excited to announce a significant enhancement to our HubSpot integration that will streamline your workflow and boost your efficiency. This update is designed to make managing contacts, companies, and deals in HubSpot through Quoter more intuitive and seamless.

Key Benefits of the New Addition

1. Efficient Contact and Company Data Management

When searching for a contact by name or organization, Quoter will now return both primary and secondary companies. This means you have a more comprehensive view of the associated companies, ensuring you make well-informed decisions. If the selected contact lacks an address in address line 1, Quoter will automatically pull the address from the associated company, whether it’s primary or secondary. This feature minimizes data entry errors and saves time by auto-filling essential details.

2. Seamless Address Handling

In cases where a contact doesn’t have address data, Quoter will use the company’s address, which can be overwritten if necessary. This ensures that you always have accurate address information without the need for manual updates. Importantly, when you push information to HubSpot, Quoter will not alter the address on the HubSpot contact, and it will prevent the creation of duplicate companies. This keeps your HubSpot data clean and organized.

quoter hubspot integration contacts

Integration Overview and Features

To take advantage of this integration, you’ll need to be on our Enterprise plan or have added the HubSpot integration as an add-on.

Creating and Updating Quotes
When creating a quote in Quoter, you can easily search for an existing HubSpot contact and deal or create a new one automatically. This integration ensures that your sales process remains smooth and efficient.

Deal Value Updates
Whenever a quote is created or updated in Quoter, the HubSpot deal will be updated with the value of the quote. This real-time synchronization keeps your sales data up-to-date and reliable.

Recurring and One-Time Line Items
Recurring and one-time line items from Quoter will be pushed to HubSpot deals. Additionally, important HubSpot deal property fields such as MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue), and TCV (Total Contract Value) will reflect these updates. However, it’s important to note that discounts applied in Quoter quotes are not included in the line item totals pushed to HubSpot. Therefore, MRR, ARR, and other calculated fields will show pre-discount values.

Status Updates
When a Quoter quote is won or lost, Quoter will update the status of the HubSpot deal based on the mapping settings you configure. This ensures that your deal statuses in HubSpot accurately reflect the latest developments in your sales process.


This enhancement to our HubSpot integration underscores our commitment to providing you with tools that enhance your productivity and streamline your operations. By integrating more deeply with HubSpot, Quoter helps you maintain accurate, up-to-date information across your sales pipeline, allowing you to focus on what matters most: closing deals and growing your business.

Subscribe for updates as we continue to improve our integrations and offer new features that support your quoting process. If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is always here to help.

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