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Officially Launched: The Quoter Partner Program

Sharing Quoter within your community just got easier. With the launch of our new Partner Program, you can earn a percentage of revenue from accounts that sign up from your custom link.

Earn passive income by sharing Quoter in your community. All approved Partners start by earning 20% of the transaction value from referred accounts during the first 12 months.

Who is a fit for this program?

  • Channel Influencers
  • Consultants
  • Channel Vendors
  • Quoter Users


  • Newsletter
  • Social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, other)
  • Website or blog
  • Your communities
  • Podcast content or show notes

Steps to get started:

  1. Apply (takes 5 minutes, get approved within 1-2 business days)
  2. Create an account (we use PartnerStack to manage this)
  3. Claim your custom URL (eg: get.quoter.com/yourname)
  4. Share, track and earn

Within your PartnerStack dashboard:

  1. Track your performance
  2. Payout configuration (Stripe or PayPal)
  3. Custom link management
  4. Enablement Resources
    • Quoter Brand Guide
    • Case Studies and product videos
    • Social posts and other ways to promote

quoter partner dashboard

Check our Partner Program details for FAQs and more.

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