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Product Update: Customizable Quote Reminder Intervals

In our ongoing efforts to provide tools that streamline your sales processes and enhance user experience, we are excited to announce significant enhancements to our Automated Quote Reminder feature. This update introduces customizable reminder intervals and account-level default settings, empowering you to tailor your follow-up strategy precisely to your business needs and customer behaviors.

Introducing Customizable Reminder Intervals

Until now, our Automated Quote Reminders allowed for reminders at fixed intervals. With the latest update, you can set customized intervals that best fit the timeline of your sales cycle and customer response habits. Whether it’s a few days after the initial quote or just before the expiry date, you can now define these intervals to your liking.

automated quote reminder settings

Set It and Forget It: Account-Level Defaults

To simplify your operations and ensure consistency across all customer interactions, you can now establish default reminder settings at the account level. This means every quote sent out can automatically inherit these predefined settings, reducing the need for manual entry and ensuring no opportunity is missed due to a lack of follow-up.

schedule quote reminders

How These Enhancements Benefit Your Business

  • Increased Flexibility: Tailor reminder send-outs to align with your unique business processes and customer engagement strategies.
  • Efficiency at Scale: Set default reminders for all quotes at the account level, which not only saves time but also standardizes your approach to follow-ups.
  • Improved Conversion Rates: By sending reminders at the most effective times, you’re more likely to catch customers at the right moment, increasing the likelihood of quote acceptance.

Key Considerations

  • Plan Availability: These enhancements are included in our Standard Plan and higher. Quoter Reminders can be optionally added to any Basic Plan. To access these features or to upgrade your plan, please reach out to our Partner Success team.
  • Customization Options: While the core structure of the email remains consistent, the flexibility in scheduling and content customization allows you to maintain brand consistency and relevancy in communications.

Getting Started with Enhanced Quote Reminders

To take advantage of these new features, navigate to Settings > Quote Reminders in your account. Here, you can set up your default intervals and apply them across all new quotes. Additionally, when preparing to send a quote, you’ll find options to adjust reminder settings on a case-by-case basis, providing flexibility for specific scenarios.

With customizable reminder intervals and the ability to set defaults at the account level, your business can now engage more effectively with potential customers, boosting your quote acceptance rates and driving sales growth.

Harness these new capabilities to not just follow up, but to follow up smarter, enhancing customer interaction and ultimately, boosting your sales performance.

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