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Product Update: PSA Items on Templates and in Bundles

At Quoter, we’re relentlessly focused on speeding up your Quote creation process; and today’s feature release (straight from TMT in Nashville) illuminates this drive.  For those of you using Autotask or Connectwise Manage as your PSA, we’ve just released a feature you need to know about.  You can now include items from ConnectWise Manage or Autotask on your Quote Templates and in your Bundles! 

During Quote creation, if the Template you chose includes Items from either ConnectWise Manage or Autotask, we show the logo of the PSA on the Line Item and provide a tooltip informing you of how recently the data was pulled from the PSA. If there is an error pulling real time data on the Item from your PSA, we’ll add an alert icon next to the PSA logo. If we receive an error accessing the PSA, or if the item has been deleted from your PSA, we fall back to the most recent data we have for the Item.

You can read the full details in our knowledge base article:
PSA Items on Templates and in Bundles

psa items in templates and bundles

If you’re not already benefiting from our Bundles feature, sign up for a demo to check it out or add it to your plan now.

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