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Quoter Partner Store & Ambassador Program Announcement

Wow – big announcement this week. We are expanding our Partner Referral Program. The incentives we have in place for referring new business to Quoter have been an effective channel for our users to share Quoter with a colleague or other businesses that may be a good fit.

Today, we are expanding this program to account for a wider range of digital advocacy. The interactions we have online can help others discover Quoter, learn about the problems we are solving and help B2B teams make informed decisions. Shopping for new software or tools for your business can be a complicated and painful experience. Most of us will seek advice or a recommendation within our network to get first-hand feedback before narrowing the search.

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Now more than ever, word of mouth has an important part in the buyer’s journey. We recognize this and want to provide tools to enable our community to share Quoter beyond their immediate network.

Those who use Quoter, love it.

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We want to enable our Quoter community by providing the tools to amplify word of mouth. There are attribution challenges here. Word of mouth is a difficult thing to track. Word of mouth can take the form of a phone call, text message, or discussion in a Slack or Discord channel. We can’t begin to track it all, but there are some actions of advocacy that we can start with.

In the beginning, we plan to campaign around:

  • User-generated Content (UGC)
  • Independent Software Reviews
  • Social Mentions
  • Partner Referrals

Introducing the Quoter Ambassador Program

In order to participate and earn credit, you need to apply to be a Quoter Ambassador. The application process is meant to be simple, we need to verify that you are located in one of our supported countries for shipping. We also need to document who is in the program and identify what your strengths are (ie: IT Consultant, SMB, Blogger, Sales Manager).

This program is not limited to Quoter users, anyone within Canada and the United States is encouraged to apply.

*The Quoter Partner Store is currently only available for delivery in Canada and the United States at this time. Please join our mailing list and be notified when other countries are added.

Quoter Ambassador ProgramApply Here

How does the Quoter Partner Store work?

This store is open to the public. Take a look around! We offer some rare items that will help deck out your WFH setup, and keep you looking good over zoom or in person! This catalogue will change frequently and we cannot guarantee inventory. Right now we can only ship within Canada and the United States, but we plan to expand as demand grows.

Conferences and Events
Our intent with the store is to provide swag/merch that people will actually want (rather than giving away a bunch of [bad swag item] at a conference). With the Partner Store, everything is print-on-demand so you can pick the stuff you like in the size that fits! Free merch can be linked to a QR code and handed out at in-person events. Have an idea for something? Let us know when you submit your Ambassador Application!

Quoter Ambassadors Earn Free Merch

Quoter Ambassadors can participate in campaigns to earn credits to the store. If you’re a Quoter power user, integration partner or consultant – this is a great opportunity to get some free stuff!

We want to thank you for the feedback and participation we’ve seen so far with our Partner Referral Program. Our Quoter Ambassadors will help strengthen our community even further as we build out the program.

Quoter Ambassador ProgramApply Here

If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly by email (Scott Bauer, sbauer@quoter.com) or DM me on Linkedin.

The Official Quoter Partner Store


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