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Quoter Product Update: February 2024


Get a monthly behind-the-scenes look at what Quoter’s development team is up to. Learn about recent product release challenges, wins, and Partner impact.

Delivered straight from the source – Ash, Quoter’s Senior Product Manager. Includes teasers for next month’s releases!

Before we get to the goodies, I want to thank the Quoter development team. Our team is divided into four different squads, and I work closely with all of them. We do weekly check-ins and connect on a daily basis to tackle challenges together. Everyone on our team communicates so well and brings good suggestions to the table. It’s amazing to get to work with such great developers. 

Another shout-out for this month is to Morgan at HaloPSA! More on that below…

Vendor Collaboration: Quoter + HaloPSA

When vendors work together to benefit mutual Partners, pretty exciting things happen. Here’s the story: 

If you’re a HaloPSA Partner, you know they’re very agile and responsive to their Partners’ needs. So when a mutual partner approached HaloPSA to request a Quoter integration, they got to work. 

That was about a year ago. Some months later, we collaborated with HaloPSA to invest in enhancing the integration. We struck up a dynamic relationship with Morgan and his development team at HaloPSA, and in January this year, we released a substantial update that will bring a ton of value to our mutual partners. 

What’s unique about this integration is that Quoter handles the pull activities, pulling information from HaloPSA (“user” details, organization, address, existing opportunities for that user in HaloPSA) onto the quote, while HaloPSA is handling everything happening inside of its platform. It was truly a collaborative effort to bring these enhancements to our mutual Partners. 

If you were using the Quoter + HaloPSA integration before, check out the updated integration specs to see what you can do now. 

Quoter+HaloPSA - Field Mappings
Quoter + Halo PSA updated field mappings. View all

It’s been great working with HaloPSA on this integration. Shout out to Morgan for being really responsive and for all of the back-and-forth communication. We look forward to continuing to work with HaloPSA to expand the functionality even further. 

Inventory check for Quoter + ConnectWise Manage

We’ve added a small-but-mighty improvement: the ability to check inventory while you’re looking up products to add to a quote. 

Our Quoter + ConnectWise Manage integration always could pull product details into quotes. It’s been super helpful for our Partners who use ConnectWise Manage as the source of truth for their product catalog. And now, our Partners can be sure they’re not quoting items that are low or out of stock. 

This was a fun challenge for the development squad tackling this work. In our first attempt to pull in inventory for products being returned from ConnectWise Manage to the Quote Create screen in Quoter, the data took 14 seconds to load. This was because every response required a subsequent API call. A 14-second delay for our Partners to see inventory?! That wasn’t going to work. 

So, we devised a simple solution to check inventory on individual items as needed. The update we released makes it easy to do a really quick check on single products before you add them to the quote. Our Partners can quote faster, with confidence in the availability of the products they offer.  

Anything we can do to help our partners speed up the quoting process is a win for our team. And there are more enhancements to Quoter + ConnectWise Manage coming in the next month. Stay tuned, Partners!

connectwise inventory check integration quoter
Click to check inventory when you add a product to a line item with your Quoter + ConnectWise Manage integration.

Multiple pipeline support for Quoter + HubSpot, Pipedrive

For our Partners with multiple sales pipelines, we’ve made it much easier to push different types of quotes down different pipelines in our Quoter + HubSpot and Quoter + Pipedrive integrations. If your HubSpot or Pipedrive account is set up to handle different sales flows, such as for different industries or government work versus private work, for example, then you’ll love the improved support Quoter offers.

HubSpot Details

Pipedrive Details

hubspot pipeline mapping quoter
Find your pipeline mapping configuration by heading to: Settings > Integrations > Edit

Webhooks on our mind at Quoter

For February, our development team is looking for input from our Partners: 

  • How are you using Quoter webhooks
  • What’s a problem that you’d like to solve with Quoter webhooks? 

Comment on LinkedIn and let us know how we can improve your Quoter experience.

Talk to you next month! 

ash welsh quoter

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