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Quoter Product Update: March 2024

Quoter product update March 2023

Get a monthly behind-the-scenes look at what Quoter’s development team is up to. Learn about recent product release challenges, wins, and Partner impact. 

Delivered straight from the source – Ash, Quoter’s Senior Product Manager. Includes teasers for next month’s releases!

Fun fact: Did you know Quoter’s development team works in Shape Up-style squads? Since introducing this framework less than a year ago, we’ve seen gains in delivery speed, allowing us to move faster on improvements and driving our focus on optimizing quoting and contract management for Quoter Partners. 

This month, we’re trying out squad collaboration, and I’m impressed by how two of our four squads are working together in a leader/supporter dynamic. Shout out to Squads A and B for blazing the trail for the rest of the team! 

Like true craftspeople, our squads are all about the details. Let’s look at some of the several fine-pointed improvements we released this month to help solve specific challenges for Quoter Partners.

Push Purchase Order (PO) Number to ConnectWise Manage

PO numbers are part of the quote-to-cash process for many of our Partners, so we’re excited about the impact of this recent release. When a quote is accepted for Quoter Partners who use ConnectWise Manage, they can now add a PO number to the quote and see the PO number automatically populated in the ConnectWise Manage opportunity. 

Before this release, the process involved updating a custom field in Quoter with the PO number and then updating the PO number in the ConnectWise Manage opportunity. We’ve reduced tabs and clicks for this action, automatically pushing the PO data from Quoter to Connectwise Manage. Our Partners are busy people, and every second counts!

See Overview: Quoter + ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage Recurring Product Support

Another Quoter + ConnectWise Manage win: this month, we released more settings in the ConnectWise configuration area to easily assign recurring services and products. Now Quoter Partners can assign recurrence for service items and products and map quote-recurring frequency to a ConnectWise billing period. 

This seemingly small improvement takes an extra step out of the process otherwise taken in ConnectWise to flag those products and services as recurring.

Quoter Partners who leverage our ConnectWise Manage integration, watch for it: we’ve got more updates coming for you next month!

Contact Selection for Syncro Integration

Quoter Partners who use Syncro PSA can now choose from a range of contacts under the company record while building a quote. Previously, limitations in the Syncro API confined search to a single contact associated with the company. But this past month, one of our squads wrestled with the Syncro API to bring you this significant improvement to the integration. 

We heard from several Quoter Partners who requested the ability to create quotes for contacts outside the company-associated contact. It’s great to see this in action to reduce manual inputs for the quote process further.

See Overview: Quoter + Syncro

Stealthy Contract Management Updates

Quoting and contract management are our focus here at Quoter. We released some small-but-mighty updates this month to improve contract management workflow, and we’re always open to suggestions for further improvements.

Have a suggestion for improving Quoter’s contract management feature? Comment on LinkedIn and let us know how we can improve your Quoter experience. 

Talk to you next month!

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